injury & functional rehabilitation

Chiropractic physicians have been providing therapeutic exercises and stretches to patients long before physical therapy existed as a profession.

Your body was designed for movement. Anything that keeps your body from full movement, whether an injury, fatigue, or pain is a problem. We are passionate about helping you overcome these obstacles– so you can increase your activity levels and do what you want to do.

Your quality of life is directly proportional to your ability to move. It is imperative that your ability to physically function be maximized. If your body does indeed have structural or neurologic limitations, we are specialists in helping you reach your highest level of function.

Our style of rehabilitation can help your body neurologically restore movement, activating muscles that haven’t been working properly for some time, and balancing muscles that have been working overtime.

We look forward to the chance to help you.

Our Core Services

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

‚ÄčAcupuncture‚Äč & Dry-Needling

Concussion Care

Acute & Chronic Rehabilitation

Webster Technique & Perinatal Care

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