Coping with the stress of confinement

Posted on: March 23rd, 2020


There is so much stress right now, and for many compounded by the Shelter-In-Place order. We are social creatures, so our emotional well being relies on interaction with others.  For some families, the kids are home from school and crammed into a contained space. The weather has been poor and the kids can’t go outside. This can create a pressure-cooker environment. Patience can run thin.  Compound this with fear and worry of the unknown. Will I get sick? What about my vulnerable family members?  How long will this last? How will we recover from the economic hardship?


Does stress strengthen your immune system? No– stress actually weakens it, making you more susceptible. Laughter is the exact opposite neurochemical event of stress: it refreshes you, clears your mind and strengthens your immune system. Laughter is one of the strongest innate healing mechanisms in the body.


Please watch the following 1 hour documentary on the neurophysiology of laughter and then share this with as many people as possible.



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