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"At the Salvation Army Clinic it was humbling to witness firsthand how human suffering and brokenness can be transformed into a greater good."

After graduation, his first year in practice as a chiropractic physician was spent volunteering in post-war Bosnia-Hercegovina. He and his wife gave their time and talents at Majcino Selo orphanage, just outside the town of Medjugorje. Dr Steve established a chiropractic practice within the multidisciplinary medical facility within the orphanage. The clinic included physical medicine, physical and occupational therapy, dentistry, audiology and psychology. He treated orphans and refugees, children, adults and elderly residents in a very medically under served region of the world.

"I cannot begin to summarize what this experience has given me, except to say that God will never be outdone in generosity."

For 10 years Dr Steve practiced as a physician in close collaboration with physiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, interventional pain management physicians, orthopedic and neurosurgeons.

"​My experience over the past 16 years has defined my passion: helping people become free of physical suffering, in the process helping them transform their experience of suffering into a greater good, and help them step forward down their own path in wellness."​

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Meet Steven Paliakas DC

​Dr Steve received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Acupuncture Certification from National University of Health Science in 2000. His clinical training was completed at the DesPlaines Salvation Army Clinic in Chicago, where he had the profound privilege to provide health care to men recovering in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Many of his patients were right off the streets, homeless or simply with no more options.

Our Practice

Located on County Farm Road, Nova Chiropractic and Acupuncture is like no other medical or chiropractic office. The clinic environment is upbeat, tranquil and comfortable. Decorated in calming colors, we do not have bright lights, loud machines, or stressed staff members. As soon as you enter our office, you will notice a peaceful and easy feeling in the air.